When visiting a beautiful new place do you ever wonder if the people that live there appreciate the beauty or after a while is it just taken for granted? That was a question I always asked myself when traveling. The answer would come, at least for me, with my move to Loudoun County. It was a work transfer and while I was not happy about moving halfway across the country to a place where I didn’t know anyone, there was no denying that northern Virginia was absolutely gorgeous. I was reminded of this recently on my way to show a country property. I turned down a shaded dirt road with stone fencing, rolling green hills and the fauna and flora of a Spring Day. I slowed as a young deer leapt across the road and into a field, a bit farther a bunny hopped along parallel to the road and then disappeared into the brush. But by far the most Loudoun County of all was a young horse that dashed across the pasture and began to run down the fence line with my truck until I stopped to say hello. That’s when I though about it, I’ve lived here for twenty plus years and a day like today makes me realize I will never take the beauty of my adopted home for granted.

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