If you are looking for a fun desert this 4th of July weekend, take a trip over to One Loudoun to visit The Yard Milkshake Bar!

The Yard Milkshake Bar is an ice cream shop with some extraordinary milkshake creations among other sweet treats. They first began in Gulf Shores, AL and it has become a delicious stop in 10 states. If the name sounds familiar you might have seen Logan & Chelsea Green on an episode of Shark Tank presenting their company. When I found out they were opening up their ice cream shop in the One Loudoun shopping center I knew I had to go.

I decided to visit a week after their grand opening in hopes the line wouldn’t be long. Sadly there was a decent line when we arrived, but it was no way near the line from their grand opening.  The wait time allowed me to go online to look at their menu so I knew exactly what to order. Trust me, you need that time to figure out what exactly what to order because there are so many options to choose from. They even have lactose friendly options as well! Keep in mind their milkshakes are large and can be shared by two people, but why would you want to share something that looks so good right?

After contemplating which milkshake I wanted, I ended up going with their milkshake Not Milk to try their vegan & lactose friendly option. I also opted to get it in their branded mason jar so I could take it home as a souvenir. Let me tell you, I was not disappointed.


The “Not Milk” Milkshake


I was in awe when they brought our milkshakes to our table. It was one thing to see a picture of their milkshakes on the menu but another thing entirely to see it in person. They are much larger than I originally thought. The ice cream tasted no different from traditional ice cream and the cookie that came attached to the milkshake was delicious.

I definitely recommend The Yard Milkshake Bar to everyone! This experience made us feel like we were kids again. I felt the same excitement when I saw the milkshake that I felt as a child whenever the ice cream truck would arrive in our neighborhood. Everyone else around us was just as happy as we were and kids had ear to ear smiles.

Check out their website for more information & locations! You can also follow them on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

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