Jason Kahn

Jason Kahn

  • Cell: 703.220.8321
  • Office: 703.443.1757
  • Office Location: Leesburg

About Jason Kahn

Jason Kahn grew up in Richmond, Virginia.  He has been living and working in the DC area since 2006.  He received his undergraduate degree from Millersville University in Pennsylvania, his Masters from Michigan Tech University, and is a year away from finishing his PhD at West Virginia University.  He has always been a lover of the outdoors, preferring camping, hunting, fishing, and photography to most other activities.  

Jason has been investing in real estate since 1999, which ultimately led to becoming licensed as a real estate professional.  He is most interested in developing long-term relationships while helping clients develop wealth through real estate investments.  

Jason’s experience flirts with a number of different areas of interest.  For the past decade, he has been working with the government on fire fighting and flood plain policy, making him unique in the real estate community as someone who was likely involved in writing some of the regulations affecting your waterfront home.  His PhD is focused on statistics and modeling, which is directly applicable to determining the appropriate value of a home.  He also has vast experience with wildlife land management needs.  Furthermore, he recently married a professional equestrian, providing insight unavailable to most home buyers of Loudoun’s exceptional equestrian properties.