Azar Jaymand

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  • M: 703.967.0640
Ozzie offers her clients more than real estate experience and expertise. She brings them her energy, her determination,...

Cathy Peck

  • O: 703.443.1757
  • M: 703.628.8322
Cathy is a native Washingtonian, having grown up in Montgomery County. She is a graduate of the University of Maryland,...

Christy Hertel

  • O: 703.443.1757
  • M: 703.624.6283
Ten years ago I entered into real estate sales after being an interior designer for 25 years. My love of houses old and...

Isabelle Truchon

  • O: 703.443.1757
  • M: 571.291.5988
Isabelle grew up in Montreal, moving to the United States in 1989. She spent 18 years as an entrepreneur in Northern...

Janeen Marconi

  • O: 703.443.1757
  • M: 703.401.6465
Janeen Marconi is Principal Broker and Managing Partner of Hunt Country Sotheby’s International Realty....

Jason Kahn

  • O: 703.443.1757
  • M: 703.220.8321
Jason Kahn grew up in Richmond, Virginia.  He has been living and working in the DC area since 2006.  He...

Karla Yarbrough

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  • M: 703.431.8302
A native Texan, Karla relocated to the Mid-Atlantic region in 1999. She earned her Virginia real estate license in...

Katie Nelson

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  • M: 703.431.4262
Katie Nelson has lived in northern Virginia for over 30 years, gaining extensive knowledge of the Washington DC area....

Lauren Pennell

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  • M: 717.572.8222
Lauren Pennell is committed to providing her clients the best possible service and the best possible advice. Good...

Lisa Thompson

  • O: 703.443.1757
  • M: 571.207.6580
Lisa has sold millions of dollars of real estate in Loudoun County. She has developed deep ties with the Beacon Hill...

Madelyn Hetherington

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  • M: 703.472.6293
Originally from Long Island, New York, Madelyn earned her BA and Masters of Education from George Washington...

Michele Cornejo

  • O: 703.443.1757
  • M: 703.507.1366
Michele Cornejo is a former Paralegal for the Federal Government and former employee of the World Bank. She has...

Nicolette Boxe

  • O: 703.443.1757
  • M: 703.725.5816
Nicolette is a proud Louisiana native and refer to Lansdowne, Virginia as her “home away from home”, over the past...

Patty Donmoyer

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  • M: 703.403.8950
Patty's extensive knowledge of the Northern Virginia area comes from having lived in some of the most vibrant...

Regina Neumann

  • O: 703.443.1757
  • M: 703.919.7782
Regina Petruzzi Neumann has lived in Northern Virginia for more than a decade. She was born and raised in a small town...

Robin Thomas

  • O: 703.443.1757
  • M: 703.4753673
A Virginian and West Virginian is currently a resident of Charles Town, WV which is her father’s family home. She...

Shannon Casper

  • O: 703.443.1757
  • M: 703.508.3195
As a native of Northern Virginia, my family has lived in Fairfax County and Loudoun County. My husband and I were drawn...

Sheri Gershen

My interest in beautiful homes, art and architecture began in childhood exploring the antebellum mansions of the South...

Suzanne Kim

  • O: 703.443.1757
  • M: 301.697.4904
Suzanne joined Hunt Country Sotheby’s International Realty in 2017  with seven years of residential real...

Windy Harris

  • O: 703.443.1757
  • M: 703.554.3815
Since her entry into real estate more than 20 years ago, Windy Harris has constantly focused on enhancing her skills...